College Positive Volunteerism (CPV)

College Positive Volunteerism (CPV) is…

A college access program.

CPV provides college students and other volunteers who work with young people with the training, tools and knowledge that will enable them to become ambassadors of higher education to the K-12 youth and adult learners they serve. College Positive Volunteers (CPVs) acting as tutors, mentors, and active community members can have a profound impact on how young people view the possibility of going to college. CPV reflects efforts to increase college enrollment and success for all students.

A free, sustainable training curriculum.

The CPV curriculum consists of a 90 minute PowerPoint presentation, a digital toolkit including activities for college access, several one-page resource guides, and extra training slideshows. Every piece of the curriculum is free to utilize and share, downloadable from Michigan Campus Compact’s website.  How you choose to utilize the curriculum in your organization’s programming is up to you!

Not just for college campuses.

CPV has been utilized . . .

•    to train the college volunteers and student employees who engage in youth centered outreach or tutoring programming, including GEAR UP, America Reads & Counts and service learning.

•    to enhance a community’s college-going culture by creating a shared language between Local College Access Networks, K12 schools and universities.

•    to make national service members, teachers, parents and many others aware of how they impact the college attitudes of youth .

While CPV has been used most often to train college student volunteers,     any youth-serving organization or individual can benefit from learning the curriculum!

“Through completing the CPV training, our service- learners develop the skills necessary to talk to youth about attending and    paying for a post- secondary education.  The service-learners subsequently use these skills to help prepare and inspire the youth to attend college.”  – Dr. Erika Carr, Western Michigan University

CPV Background

CPV Resources and Training