Engaged Departments

Michigan Campus Compact was pleased to partner with Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College and Grand Rapids Community College for a two-year pilot of the Engaged Departments Initiative.  Each of the campuses, with their unique culture and systems, learned a great deal about the institutionalization of engagement.  We wanted to share some of your favorite resources to assist you on your own exploration of this high-impact model.

Grand Rapids Engaged Department Initiative Overview and Lessons Learned 

Creating Collaborative Campus-Community Partnerships: Ten Recommendations

Campus Compact Engaged Department Toolkit 

Engaged Department and Faculty Rewards Initiative of the Northern New England Campus Compacts 

Portland State University Engaged Department Rubric

3-Phase Model Handout

Student Development and Service Learning:  A Three-Phased Model for Course Design

University of Minnesota Engaged Departments Planning Guide 

Principles of Partnership 

Reciprocal Partnerships